The Saurian clans, what can I say? Very few people can get along with any Saurian for very long. They're raised from birth into piracy. It's all they know, they will lie, cheat, and steal their way into and out of anything. I can't say they're all bad though, I do have a few Saurian friends that are considered the most notorious pirates in 'verse. They give me free passage through their territory all the time so long as I bring them something in trade. Since I'm usually quite broke, I tend to drag other pirates, whether they be Terran law enforcement, or otherwise into my friends territory and offer them complete ships in trade.
     I have to say that this is a good arrangement. Bounty hunters that used to dog me at every port now give me a wide birth, and only the most ignorant of the Saurian pirate clans still try to attack me. Most of them learned their lesson after the first few dozen ships I led across the galaxy in a game of cat and mouse only to be ambushed and sacked by my friends.
     There are a total of 37 different clans, with only 4 of them actually being of any significant power. Each Saurian is given a choice during their transition into adulthood which clan they may choose regardless of which one they were born into. Some clans are more miltant, while others are more into exploration. About the only thing any of them have in common however, is that they fund themselves with piracy. No, that's not entirely true. The other thing they have in common is a code of ethics that they abide by when plundering.
A Brieft outline of their code (I don't know the exact code, one of these days I'll ask. 

1. Never kill anyone if you don't have to.
2. Never destroy a ship if you don't have to.
3. Never take hostages.
4. Never attack a ship that's already engaged in combat, or has just finished combat unless it is a direct threat against your clan mates.

     These rules tend to be open to interpretation, especially the first two. They are followed though, and some of the best pirate hunters in the 'verse are Saurian who are specially trained to keep the rest in line. To a Saurian piracy is a job to take pride in. Murder and mayhem is nothing to take pride in.

     Oh, heh on to the information. Saurians are a bipedal reptillian race. Oddly enough they are warm blooded and partially mammallian. They don't lay eggs, they have live births of up to 6 babies at a time. Saurian babies tend to be very small. Which is saying something considering the biggest Saurian I've ever met stood a whopping 5 ft tall. Their skin colors range from many shades of green, brown, and yellow mixed in many different ways. Males tend to have thorns and spines on their heads and down their backs, while females only seem to develop small spines on their heads and down their arms. They have short tails which grow very slowly with age, meaning the fastest way for a non-Saurian to tell a Saurian's age is by the length of their tails. They have 4 long fingers with 2 extra knuckles per finger on each hand, and no opposable thumbs. 4 toes on each foot, and they tend to walk on their toes, not on the full of their feet like Terrans, Humans or most of the other races. They're also "genetically adaptive" which allows them to breed with Humans and Mon'Za. I've seen many mixes of Human/Saurian DNA, but none of Saurian/Mon'Za. Saurian DNA tends to be dominant in mixed heritage births.

5 ft/GS
120 lbs/GS
4.5 ft/GS
100 lbs/GS

Anyone reading this, below I'm going to post more info about the Saurian clans, but I'm not going to embelish it. I'm not good at that, so I leave it up to anyone reading to embelish as they see fit. I KNOW it's not professional, but when I'm just thinking of "facts" the info flows so much easier and freer than when I'm trying to make it look presentable. Sorry

     The Saurian language is hard to translate. I pride myself on my ability to speak many, many languages but I just can't pick Saurian up that well. I apologize in advance. Hopefully the info below isn't to wackadoodle.

     Clans are led by a "High Captain and Commodore". This role grants them command over the entire fleet for their clan, with command/owndership of 3 ships of their own. The next in line are Captains, which command their individual ships. Each clan is also represented by a Magistrate, Magistrates have no command over ships, but they all meet together regularly to discuss politics, negotiate, and screw. The wild and raucous parties thrown by Magistrates are legendary. The Magistrate for SEC has been deified for her,,,,,, "uses" during these meetings. The SEC however has been gaining more and more influence and power since she started working as their Magistrate. They do get their jobs done make no mistake, but it's just in the Saurian mindset that a being should get rewarded for a job well done.

     Lord Commodore is a title given to a High Captain during times of war. Absolute command over the entirety of the Saurian clans. With mounting tensions between the Terrans and Saurians, SarRia also carries the title of Lord Commodore.

    SarRia is also the Magistrate for the HKC. She is the only Saurian in history to carry so many titles. It's a testament to her ability and many a Saurian would lay down their lives for her.

    SarRia works with many outside interests for the betterment of all beings, she can also be found at the side of the Rider at the Gates anytime a big nasty decides to try and pay a visit to the Patrolled Sectors. The HKC have, in many respects, become the fast response police force for righting wrongs in the PS. Even the Cerians will let the HKC pass through their territory on occasion. She's an idealist, and the Riders leash when it comes to dealing with trouble. While he's of the mind that the ends justify the means, she reigns him in.

The "Big 4" clans are-

"SEC", or Saurian Expeditionary Clan.
    The primary job of this clan is intelligence gathering, requisition of alien technology, and wet work. They've also started delving into the Psy sciences and are working on developing a psychic branch of SEC. The clan representative, or Magistrate, is a Human woman but the High Captain and Commodore is unknown. Nobody outside of the SEC knows, and if they're suspected of knowing they get drunk and accidentally walk out of an airlock. SEC started out as the long range explorers and colonizers for the Saurian people, but they found that their frequent travels across the Patrolled Sectors made them a font of intelligence gathering so they switched to their current focus of black ops.

"HKC", or Hunter Killer Clan.
    They are Masters of the Code. It's their job to hunt down code breakers and dispense justice in the form of firey hot plasma. No judge, no jury, only execution. Currently being commanded by High Captain and Commodore of the HKC, SarRia. HKC ships are constructed differently than all other Saurian ships, they use a double wing design and pulsed plasma weapons. They trade cloaks for armor and shielding, and their crews, especially under SarRia are very by the book militant while on duty, but off duty they enjoy their "drinkin' an' whorin'" just as much as any Saurian.

    "The Black Sea Clan" are the typical Saurian pirates, the majority of Saurians join this clan by default. About the only requirement TBSC captains have of their crews is the ability to have a good time and follow the code. The tales of members from this clan sacking a ship then sticking around long enough to get flat busted ass drunk WITH their victims are many. There are also stories of beings getting spaced for being party poopers. They take their "drinkin' an' whorin'" seriously. The current High Captain and Commodore is a lithe little fellow named Box. He's the son of SarRia and many feared he'd make to many changes to the TBSC because of who his mother is, but now his clan mates would follow him to hell and back as long as he brings the booze. He has however reigned in his clan mates and code violation doesn't happen nearly as much anymore. He's a big fan of long walks in small airlocks for suspected code breakers. There is some Human slang going around calling the BSC the Biscuit brigade. I don't get it, I've never understood Human humor but I'm sure the Saurians think it's funny.

------Insert here the 4th and final Saurian clan that focusses mainly on keeping the other clans fed, clothed, outfitted and in general happy and healthy. This is also the branch that does the majority of research and exploration. I can't think of a good name for them. This clan took over the roles that the SEC abandoned. This is the largest clan in regards to over all duties. There is little glory to be had here, but everyone knows that without them, there would be no drinkin' an' whorin'.----------

    There are 37 total clans, they all have Magistrates representing them but only the Big 4 have any real power. Saurians recognize all clans, but they generally just don't have the members to be of much consequence. 

In game terms I originally figured that only the "4" would be open to players joining. However, I think it might be interesting to have some of the minor clans be extra tasty crispy in terms of eccentricities. I don't have any details on specifics, but I think it would be interesting to see what other folks might come up with for the minor clans.

It's hard to describe what a Saurian ship looks like without pictures. I unfortunately don't have any anymore. (I originally had doodled some in 3ds max but I can't seem to find them, regardless they weren't very good anyway)  So, let's see if I can describe what the typical Saurian "Stalker" class ship looks like. Picture a flying wing type of ship (stealth bomber). Now make it a delta wing, that means wings are swept forward. Make it all rounded and smooth. Take the engine exhausts and stretch them out along the trailing edge of the wings, getting smaller the further out they go. Put a great big plasma cannon on the wingtips, now starting at the cockpit or bridge, cut one wing off. That's as close as I can describe a Stalker. Stalkers can fire one shot while cloaked, but the power requirements will cause the cloak to fail within seconds. Stalkers are also outfitted with Force Fields.

"Hunter" class ships, the typical HKC ship don't have cloaks and still have both wings but they are swept forward to an even greater angle. The large plasma cannons have been replaced with rapid firing plasma cannons that can fire a steady stream of plasma non-stop. Typical plasma cannons can only fire every 3 seconds. HKC ships also carry a compliment of fusion torpedoes, much heavier armor and variable frequency Shielding. These ships are fast and maneuverable and can go toe to toe with equivalent ships of their weight.

I always pictured the Saurians dressing and acting somewhat like Human pirates did during the Age of Sail. They carry swords on their hips, wear flamboyant but modern clothing, and obviously support themselves with piracy.

    Saurians have a natural lifespan of close to 200 years. Couple that with their large birth rate they tend to overpopulate quickly. SarRia has brought up plans to the Magistrate Council to curb birthrates, but so far the idea has been rejected outright. However, many Captains see merit with the idea and have imposed their own restrictions on their crews and their families. Currently, a family may only have children once the parents retire. Which is forcing families to be a bit more thrifty with their money. They are also only allowed to have one birthing. Typically, a Saurian can bear up to 6 babies at a time, average is 4. Now however, families are being told they can only have ONE birthing, regardless of how many children actually pop out. Future plans are being discussed to reduce the amount of children being born in a single birthing. Saurian populations are out of control and is causing undo stress on their populations and outside interests are getting paranoid about the Saurians wanting to take over their space.

Mixed union children are not mistreated by pure blood Saurians. They see it as a strengthening of their peoples heritage.

    SarRia is pushing for all the major races to get together and make some sort of galaxy spanning oversight committee. (A league of Sentient beings if you will) Currently the only race not 100% onboard are the Terrans. SarRia has mentioned on many occasions that the Bentrine should moderate all League meetings as they're the oldest and least hostile of all the major races. Cerians and Humans have agreed, this is what's keeping the Terrans from commiting. They refuse any moderator other than a Terran.

    Saurian planets are great adventuring opportunities. The laws are lax and trading food stuffs is a great but slow way to make a profit. Saurians don't generally sack ships known to be carrying supplies to Saurian colonies. Also, the HKC sometimes outsources code violation jobs.

    Space is considered the "black sea". Water is scarce on the Saurian homeworld of Siecko. Shipping water ice in Saurian space is another great way to make a profit.

    Saurians can regenerate lost limbs. Regenerating a full arm lost at the shoulder can take upwards of a year. A leg can take 2 years. However, most Saurians opt for cybernetic replacements. Their regenerative abilities has made them very hardy and resistant to most diseases. SEC has claimed on numerous occasions that the Terrans are experimenting on captured Saurians trying to develop viral weaponry that can defeat Saurian resistances without also wiping out the rest of the galaxy. In all likelyhood the Terrans really are doing this, plus a whole lot more.

    SEC will in all likelyhood start infiltrating and destroying Terran research facilities. In the process of doing this, they'll make sure any relevant Cerian research will be accidentally on purpose leaked to the Hiearchy. The Hiearchy are itching for a fight with the Terrans anyway. If there is no such research, they'll just fabricate it.

    The SEC are doing their own "research", in all likelyhood they're just as guilty of crimes against nature as the Terrans are.

    Saurians are like many other races in terms of their home and family lives. Really, the only differences in terms of culture is they fund themselves with piracy.

    Saurians are very affectionate with their mates. They may sleep with whomever catches their fancy while on duty, but when they're at home their family and mate is all that matters.

    Saurians have no STDs. They don't/can't catch colds, and seem to be immune to many bio-weapons. They do however get what they call the "squits". It's a form of incontenance rendering them unable to control their bodily waste. A common joke among the Clans is the cause of the Squits is a Terran singing.  It's not known what causes the Squits, but all Saurians will get it at least once in their life.

    Saurians are exotically beautiful, as coined by many Humans. Saurian/Human relationships are growing steadily as more and more Humans are being adopted into the Clans.

    Saurian parts match up just right with Human parts. Nobody likes to kiss a space slug.

    Saurians living in other race's territories find it hard to adapt to a life of having a "real" job. They like to move around and be active, so they tend to be ship captains or adventurers. If they have to work legally, they at least want to be in a position to blow something up or kill someone legally.

    Saurian brains have a racial defect which skews their perception of time. It keeps them on their feet and always moving. Basically they can't percieve the passing of time the way most other beings do. To them sitting for an hour can seem like days or even seconds. Brain scans have shown that the brain doesn't record memories in a linear time line like most other races. It's most likely not a defect, but a evolutionary modification because their home planet used to be inhabited by some very dangerous carnivores so the small Saurians needed an advantage and their evolution went this route. This racial defect was my sons idea, he knew exactly what he was talking about, but I can't remember the specifics of it. I would like to keep it as it sounded like a good plot item at the time. If anyone would like to spew some pseudo-science and explain this be my guest.

    Saurian homes tend to be stacked and crammed into large housing blocks that resemble a hive of bee's honeycomb. On planets without population issues, they prefer geodesic shaped dome homes with as many floors as possible submerged underground. They'll use any readily available building material.

    Saurians tend to have little to no decorations as far as knick-knacks and artwork in their homes. They prefer to keep things as minimal as possible to make moving easier. As far as furniture goes, traditionally the only furniture they would buy/keep/maintain were their beds and a dining table. They generally sit on the floor on pillows, their tables are generally just high enough to get your legs under if sitting cross legged. However if you're anyone but a Saurian it's an uncomfortable fit. They rarely keep physical mementos of loved ones or lost family members. While they do care deeply for their families their lack of being able to perceive time like most other sentients means they just don't miss family and need reminders like everyone else.

    The Saurian diet consists of anything that doesn't eat them first, and will fit in their mouths. They'll eat ANYTHING, there are legends of early Saurian civilizations that primarily subsisted on canabalism. It's a ongoing joke that when a Saurian meets a Human looking to join the Clans the Saurian will tell them they look tastey and smile and show all their very sharp teeth. During the last indoctrination ceremony SarRia was giving a speech and welcoming the largest group of Human initiates to join the Clans to date, her final words to the audience was "Oh and remember, the Humans are NOT dinner, you must resist the temptation to sample and nibble!" An orchestra of dissapointed female Saurians rang out in contempt as she walked off the stage laughing her tail off.

    There is only ONE legitimately run and legal Saurian company. The founder consistently states that the very act of owning and operating a company, regardless of the comodity or line of production, is without a doubt at it's core a form of piracy.

    Saurians make great farmers, however they like to roam so if you're using Saurian labor in your fields you're unlikely to ever have a group of workers stick around for more than a couple of days at a time. They tend to be day laborers. On the plus side, it's a good bet that another group of laborers down the road is already on their way to work in your fields.

    Saurians will never steal from an employer or their workmates, however a crew of workers at another farm are fair game.

    A benefit to their lack of time perception, they don't grumble from working long hours. They'll complain if they're hungry, tired, or hurt but if kept fed and safe they can work 20 hours a day and never complain once.

    Females are bigger than males. In a home environment a male is most likely to stay home and raise kids and keep the home.

    Females tend to take leadership roles more often then males. It's not that males can't get leadership roles, they just don't care. Males tend to take more of an advisory role. There's a saying among Humans, that behind every great man, their is a greater woman. Among Saurians, it's the opposite. A female Captain may command her crew with an iron fist, but when she comes home to hubby what he says is law, for lack of a better way of describing it.

    Saurians love bright colors and their clothing tends to be flamboyant and risque. Males don't tend to show much, but females have been known to wear just enough to cover the important bits. Both sexes favor cloaks that can be used to quickly cover themselves if needed. I however doubt they wear them for anything more than flash.

    The Saurian worship a being they simply call the "Dragon". Before the launch of their first satellite they were a fractured race of many clans with many different beliefs all on the brink of species wide starvation. Then the Rider at the Gates intervened and helped them along and pushed them into space. The first pictures of their home from space united them. There were legends that they all came from a massive dragon that drifted through the black sea. She stopped and rested on a great mountain and liked the valley below so much that she left some eggs behind. What the orbital pictures revealed was that the many mountains, valleys and gorges lined up to resemble a massive claw print that spanned the entire planet. It litterally looks like a giant claw grasped the planet.

    Since uniting under one common religion, violent infighting among the clans has vanished, there are still dissagreements but the blood and wars of the past are gone and any being threatening the Clans will find a people united, steadfast and strong.

    The Saurians have an unnaturally low amount of beings that can perceive when the Rider changes time. Most likely because of their genetic defect. To 99.9% of the Saurian people, the Rider at the Gates IS a part of Saurian history, he's always been there and will always be there. Historical artwork that shows his appearance always picture him as a Saurian, just an ugly Saurian, where as other races show him as he is, a Human.

    Saurian culture never did much painting compared to other cultures. There are early cave paintings, but after a certain period in time the cave paintings stop, painting in particular tends to cease. In its place is an ornate bead and sand art. Even in modern times if a home has any artwork in it, it's a long tapestry of beads sewn together in an ornate pattern that can be easily rolled up and moved at a moments notice. It's posited that Saurian culture went this route partly because of their nomadic nature, and that the tapestries could be used to keep warm or act as a sort of armor if you go by the legends. Sand art tends to be used in public structures. Even in their early ancient nomadic lives a Clan would leave behind sand art as a way of showing other Clans who was there previously and what resources were available. In modern times sand art gets the most use as decorations on official buildings. It can takes months or years to complete, but they are supremely beautiful once done. I saw a sand art "painting" once on a documentary about the Dali Lama and thought it was one of the most beautiful works of art I've ever seen. So thats where I got the idea for the Saurian art.

    Saurians do not have opposable thumbs, they do however have extra long fingers with extra knuckles allowing for tighter articulation and gripping. Their hands also tend to be a bit more muscular in comparison to other races. They have small claw like nails at the end of each finger. Males and females both tend to paint their nails. They can be sharpened and used as weapons, but generally the only blood they draw is from the backs of their lovers.

    Saurians have a long history of eating the family pet. However since buying house cats from Humans they've found that they enjoy having pets. Well, and the fact that cats taste like shit. They do however enjoy Chihuahua immensely, even though all the other races can't stomach their meat. The mutant Chihuahuas breed very quickly, can get up to 200 lbs and can eat anything so they're starting to become a staple foodstuff.

    There are no orphanages in Saurian culture, their are boarding schools however. Orphaned children are very, rarely ever adopted. So An orphaned child is raised in a boarding school where they generally learn a trade and the skills needed to survive in any chosen clan. Generally this includes reading and math. A Saurian child is generally far more skilled in the trades than an equivalent age of any other race. However they tend to be a bit lackluster in the arts and sciences. Generally Saurians only ever further their educations if they join the 4th clan. The 4th clan houses some of the brightest minds in the 'verse and even has a large compliment of MachiNa working with them.

    Saurians don't dislike or shun orphans, it's just that they have such a large birth rate that it's hard for a family to take on the responsibility of more kids. However, SarRia is plotting to make it mandatory that every family must adopt a child before bearing any of their own. This combined with some of the other population control plans would do a great deal to fix overpopulation problems.