Most folks think that the Cerian, and Cerian Hierarchy are nothing more than a bunch of bloodthirsty monsters, well,, they'd be right, sorta. Cerians are a warrior race and culture. Everything they do in life is a test of their abilities. They hunt some of the biggest and baddest critters in the 'verse just to prove themselves among their people. Here's what most folks don't know though, for every victory they fought for, they fight equally as hard, if not harder for victories in art. To a Cerian, destroying is easy, the real challenge is in building. Some of the best art I've seen in the 'verse, some of the best plays, the best poetry, some of the finest tailor made clothes I've ever bore witness to was done by a Cerian out to prove themselves. "A warrior must be mighty in all they do" is a common saying among their kind.
     From birth a Cerian baby is immediately placed into a biologically adaptive suit of armor. As they grow, it grows, as they learn, the suit learns. They become so close that the suit starts to take aspects of it's host personality. A common example I give is a Cerian female friend of mine. She's a large brute of a female, likes to get up close and phsyical with her targets. At will, long blades extend from the fore arms and elbows of her armor, and in vital areas where she's been prone to take damage in the past the armor has thickened and increased protection there. Another friend of mine, a light weight fellow prefers the silent approach. In low light, his suit will actually start to bend and warp light around itself so as to be appear near invisible, the soles of his feet have coated themselves with some sort of substance to dampen the sound he makes when walking.
     If they could ever stop trying to prove theirselves as individuals, and try to prove theirselves as a race, they could conquer the Patrolled Sectors with ease. Their ships are armed to the teeth, you have to literally shoot them into peices, then shoot the pilot to peices as well cause their armor is fully environmental as well. They'll latch theirselves onto the hull of your ship, cut their way in, then slaughter your crew and use your own ships against you.
     Cerians are bipedal beings, nobody alive has ever seen a Cerian outside of their armor although I have been told by a Cerian that they do occasionally show people they respect greatly what their faces look like. Their are distinct male and female Cerians, but the only real way to tell them apart is the females tend to a bit more round in the chest area like Human and Terran females. That leads me to believe that they are possibly mammalian, or were at one point in time. I don't know anything about their reproductive abilities and that's not something I'd ask my only two Cerian friends about. I can tell you however that again, their armor represents the being inside, and they tend to be many shades of many colors on one being, while one solid color on another. 

     I've always pictured their armor being somewhat insect like, if you've ever seen the "Guyver" anime or live action movies that's a good example. If ever made into a videogame as I want, there would be hundreds of costume pieces for each section of armor, with thousands of possible combinations so that a PC's bio armor could be totally unique. I was thinking that since the armor grows with it's wearer, that at the outset the armore would be more or less generic, every newbies would look somewhat the same excetp for adaptations based on skill selection. But as the character grows and new adaptations are grown then the character would be able to go back into the armor design window and pick from the appropriate armor pieces. IE, melee skill increases would allow you to pick from extendable blades or spikes on the knuckles or something like that.

More info coming soon

Male Averages:
7 ft/GS
300 lbs/GS
Female Averages:
7 ft/GS
300 lbs/GS
They are nearly identical as far as the "average" of the species goes, but they can be near any height ranging from 5ft to even 8ft with weight being proportional to height.