Thankyou for reading.

    Hello again, I'm not real sure what I should put here so I'll just put some generic info. I'm 38, I was married for 7 years but my wife and 2 of my 3 kids were killed by a drunk driver. I married into a ready made family, our kids were her twin daughters/my step-daughters but I claimed them none the less. My son was adopted, my late wife convinced his real mother to sign over custody to us because she had a drug problem. He was my best-friend and right hand. In all honesty I miss him more than anyone.

    The surviving daughter is Shi, she's an attorney like her mother but she pissed off to many people so she moved to Japan (where she was originally from) where fighting the good fight and justice before money and politics are still appreciated. She visits every 3-4 months and we spend a few days watching a marathon of movies or playing MZ+. Last time she visited we watched all 7 seasons of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" one episode after another.

    I have three degrees and despite what the T.V. says having an advanced education has done little to improve my life. If I could trade them all in I'd take a welding class. Don't knock a trade school education. I'm currently employed as a Butler just without the 50k a year average salary they normally command. I'm not licensed or "trained" as a Butler but I do the job and my current employer brags about me constantly.  She fired her maid, gardener and part-time cook because I can do it all and I do it very well if I say so myself- Especially the cooking. I am payed in room and board plus expenses. Expenses being if I need a new pair of shoes ETC I just grab her credit card and go and buy what I need. I'm a minimalist so it doesn't bother me. Although I wish she'd get off her anti-technology shtick and get an internet connection so I don't have to go to the library for the 'net. I guess that's about it.

    If I ever won the lottery I'd still be a minimalist. I'd live in a small house with just enough furniture to make life comfortable. I wouldn't even buy a fancy car. I just don't care about "stuff". The last apartment I lived in I had a bed, my desk, computer, and a few pictures of the family and that was it. I could at that time afford much more but I just didn't/don't want more. My family doesn't share my views about "stuff" and that's fine.

    I'm quite frankly, anti-religious. I've studied history and while I don't claim to be any kind of a historian, I feel beyond any shadow of a doubt that if human society hadn't of been strangled by religion throughout history that we'd be much better off as a whole. Some of the worst attrocities ever committed have been done in the name of one religion or another. This conversation could get long so I'll leave it at, you, whomever you are-respect my beliefs, and I'll respect yours.